Maps and Tracks Links:

My wikilocs account with some of my GPS tracks
Map with latest mountain activity

Links to Maps
More Links to Maps
Maps for New Zealand
Topopirineos, cartography for the Pyrinees Mountain Range
TopoHispania, 1:25.000 Garmin cartography for Spain
Garminkarten, cartography for the Alps mountaing range
Open MTB Map, many people think they are better than Garminkarten, even for hikking
Iberpix, topographic map of Spain, only web format
Frikart, topographic maps for Garmin GPS, Europe region
Open Fiets Map, topographic maps for European Regions
USGS Maps in PDF FREE Printable USGS (U.S. Geological Service) PDF TOPO! Maps
Garmin Open Topomap Open Topo Map Garmin Edition

ATES Cartography for Aneto-Madaleta National Park Avalanche Risk Cartography for Spanish Pyrinees: Aneto-Madaletas National Park.
ATES Cartography for Los Infiernos Massif Avalanche Risk Cartography for Spanish Pyrinees: Macizo de los Infiernos.
ATES Cartography for Aragon Valley Avalanche Risk Cartography for Spanish Pyrinees: Valle del Aragon.
ATES Cartography for Aran Valley Avalanche Risk Cartography for Spanish Pyrinees: Valle de Aran.
ATES Cartography for Andorra Avalanche Risk Cartography for Andorran Pyrinees.
ATES Cartography for Parque Natural de Guadarrama Avalanche Risk Cartography for Parque Natural de Guadarrama.
ATES Cartography for Spanish Pyrinees Avalanche Risk Cartography for Spanish Pyrinees: More regions to be added
Avalanche map for French Mountains Avalanche Risk Cartography for French Mountain massifs
Avalanche map for French Mountains Avalanche Risk Cartography for French Mountain massifs

Meteo Links I usually consult:

AEMET Montana, all main Spanish Massif Mountains
Meteo France Montagne, France Massif Mountains
STIPP Project, currently not working properly, but it will be useful at some point in the future
Meteo Suisse, for the Swiss Alps
WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Avalanche Bulletin for Swiss Alps
European Avalanche Warning Services, Avalanche Bulletin for main European mountain ranges
SAI Confederacion Hidrologica del Ebro, Real Time data for rain/snow accumulation/dam levels for Ebro River basin, including Pyrenees
SAI Confederacion Hidrologica del Tajo
Snow Forecast, snow forecast for all main mountain massifs in the world
MeteoBlue, good hourly insight with a forecast of cloud height
MeteoCiel, WRF NMM Model forecast for France and Pyrinees
The Weather Channel
Sunrise hours map
Sat24, Satellite images 24h sections for snow coverage
Recmountain, avalanche prediction in Sistema Central
Alurte, Avalanche prediction for La Jacetania Region, Pyrenees
Windytv, good tool to watch wind direction and other interesting meteorological data
Skipass, snow forecast for French mountain ranges
Rapid Response LANCe, Near Real Time Orbit Swath Images
RSOE - Emergency and Disaster Information Service, worldwide disasters
NASA global data maps, useful to see the current snow and ice cover

Avalanche Forecast for Aragon Valley, Avalanche forecast for Aragon Valley
Avalanche Risk Bulleting for Spanish Mountains, Avalanche forecast Spanish Mountain regions
Avalanche Forecast from ACNA, Avalanche forecast bulletins from ACNA (AsociaciĆ³n Conocimiento Nieve y Aludes)
Avalanche Forecast for European Mountains EAWS - European Avalanche Warning Services bulletins

Climbing and Mountaineering forums:

Camp to Camp, Mountain around the world, mostly European users
Summit Post, mountains around the world, mostly American users
Mountain Project, Find mountain routes and partners in the US
Mendiak, for Spanish Mountains
Mendikat, The bible of Spanish Mountains
SistemaCentral, Forum for Sistema Central mountain range in Spain
EsquiayComparte, Snow conditios for Cross Country Ski
Travesia Sistema Central, Snow conditios for Sistema Central mountain Range, Spain
Infohielo, ice and snow conditions on Spain and French Pyrenees

Latest outdoor activity:
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